Overview of IPT for Eating Disorders

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) for Eating Disorders is an evidence-based psychotherapy for the treatment of bulimia nervosa (BN), binge eating disorder (BED), and subclinical eating disorders, as well as depression.

The premise of IPT for Eating Disorders is to link the onset and maintenance of symptoms to interpersonal events in a patient's life. The treatment is ideal for use in a college-aged population because it is:

  • Readily accepted by both clinicians and patients
  • Applicable to a wide range of patients, especially those with high weight concerns and low self-esteem
  • Pertinent to interpersonal issues and role transitions, which are common in college students 

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Dr. Denise Wilfley, the developer of the IPT for Eating Disorders training program and the Scott Rudolph University Professor at Washington University in St. Louis, welcomes you to the website.

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